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Stream any video into VLC

You can stream any online like youtube, vimeo, facebook, dailymotion, etc., video into your VLC / mplayer using youtube-dl. Here I will explain how to do that.


First Install latest greatest youtube-dl

sudo pip install --upgrade youtube-dl
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

As per todoy the version is 2015.09.09 ...

Script to get Stock History Information

I wrote a python script to get stock market current and history information based on Google finance API. Here I am going to explain about that.

How to setup

  • Download into /usr/local/bin folder as stockinfo
  • chmod +x /usr/local/bin/stockinfo
  • Run stockinfo as command from ...

How to get TNEB Service Details without capcha

To get direct link for find your usage from TNEB give your service number in the below form and press submit.

TNEB Usage permlink Form

How its works

  • For example, the service no is 265 / 005 / 1234
  • It will take your service no and do base64 of "TANGEDCO||265||005 ...

Live India Stock Market Indices on your Terminal

Live BSE and NSE index on your bash terminal


The script get the live index from BSE and NSE stock market.

How to Use

  • Download the script from github
  • Copy the file into /usr/bin folder.
  • Run stockmarketindia anywhere from terminal.
wget --no-check-certificate ...

Live Cricket Score on your terminal

Live Cricket Score From CricInfo on your Bash Terminal


You are a hardcore cricket fan, want to get updated the score while working 😄 😄 . But bored to open a browser ⇒ goto cricinfo ⇒ goto particular cricket match. Welcome, this script for you only.

Why this Script..?

I am not the fan of ...

Docker container for TOR with Privoxy

I released a docker container for TOR with Privoxy bundled together. Earlier I wrote a script (Tor Installer) to setup the TOR and Privoxy environment in a linux system. But docker is the correct tool to setup these kind of environment.

Hope you know what is TOR and Privoxy.

Github ...

Fix: Pycharm Failed to create JVM

How to Run your Pycharm IDE under 64bit JVM..?

Pycharm Error Code -4

What is the real issue..?

First you should to know all jetbrains IDE's are written in Java. The issue because of your pycharm needs more memory to process your projects and files at the backend Java requires memory. But its ...