Type tamil in ubuntu

I Just want to post a comment in my friend facebook wall... I feel if that comment is in Tamil it will be more expressive.. There are more services available for online like http://www.google.com/transliterate/indic/Tamil . But in the future if i want to type in word or excel offline will be useful.. i just google it.. Here the steps for Tamil keyboard for ubuntu..

How to type tamil in ubuntu ..?

Goto System → Preferences → Keyboard .


Then choose the Layouts tab. Click the "Add" button. Then Change the country to India and choose your tamil layouts. For myself i choose "India Tamil Unicode"


Now you can see your layouts in the window.


You can change your typing language using the keyboard layout on the top panel. By clicking on this applet you can change the language layout what ever you want.


Now i can type in tamil any where in ubuntu.

நன்றி ... அருள்.. :)

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