How to access irctc mobile site from your computer

How to access irctc mobile site from your computer

image0 Taken from android browser

Two weeks before irctc launched mobile site for train booking. But when I try to go from my pc its redirect to usual site. The problem is they are checking the request coming from mobile or computer in server side using user agent and if its from mobile allowed otherwise its redirected to ordinary site.

So here is the fix 😄


  • absolutely a pc
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • User Agent switcher add-on

How to:

  • Open Firefox
  • Download and Install the User Agent switcher add-on from here 
  • Change the User agent to iPhone 3.0 by Go to Tools
  • Now open the in Firefox
  • Yeah you are done. cheers...!!!

User Agent switcher:

image1 Change to iPhone 3.0

How irctc looks in firefox:

image2 Mobile Login page

image3 Mobile Home page

image4 Mobile plan my travel

Advantages of mobile agent:

  • Firstly its very fast.
  • Easy to book. Just three clicks.
  • No more asking password again and again
  • No more session expired / timeout page :D
  • Do remember you can only book 5 transactions per month through mobile irctc site.


I tried in mobile still redirect to ordinary site..?

Use https instead of http and make sure www in that url

How can I change the user agent in google chrome..?

To change user agent in google chrome check this video tutorial But for that you need chrome 17 version. To find out which chrome you are using type "about:version" in address bar then enter. If you have chrome version 16, wait for 17 to be stable otherwise try beta version.

Update: Now a extension is available for chrome use this.

Is this irctc hack..?

No. Its just a browser hack..!!! you can see any mobile website using this.

How to use this mobile site..?

Please find the manual from here. View Manual

Its shows me a blank page..?

Last few days I am also getting blank pages. That website is seems to be down. Even its shows error page when I tried from mobile device. No fix for this 😄 check this link for its down or not

My Firefox is does not support for this add-on..?

I think you are using old one. Try to update your firefox browser. OR from here you can find the different version of that add-on. Download which one is suitable for your firefox.

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