How to copy commits from one branch to another in GIT

I have GIT version management tool for versioning and using gitolite for user and project management within git. Will tell about this gitolite story in a seperate post.

Here we are going to learn how to copy commits from your master to branch.

Basically I am a linux enthusiast so I will explain everthing here in commends. Feel free to use git commends 😄

  • First you have to check where you are now.
git branch -a

That * will where you are. Now I am in Master branch.

image0 GIT Branch

  • Create a new branch and move to that created branch
git branch <branch_name>
git checkout <branch_name>

If you are already created branch. No need create branch just git checkout

  • Once again confirm Are you in correct branch.
git branch -a
  • Pick up the commits to this branch
git cherry-pick <first_some_character_of_commit_hash>
Ex: git cherry-pick d1c4b9a5a21e3d09cae
  • How to get the hash tag of commits

git log

image1 GIT Log

You can get the has tag from here.

  • Then Switch back to master
git checkout master
  • For push this branch to remote server
git push origin <branch_name>
  • For delete the locally created branch
git branch -D <branch_name>
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