Multiple mysql instances in windows

Now again windows stuff... I am using windows OS in office 😌... This post is about a simple tweaks about running multiple mysql instance in one windows machine. Each instance runs in a different port and behaves as a dedicated standalone server.

mysql multiple instances

Why multiple instances..?

If you are a developer its for you. Sometimes you need to test your application with different type of data (like QA, Production) to replicate some error and etc., At that time no need to drop your old database and put the new one. Just use this and change the db port in your application configuration. This will be helpful for system administrators also to provide database service to his users.


  • mysql installed windows machine
  • Administrative privileges for that machine

For me mysql installed location is e:\softs\mysql\


Create [instances\production] with in mysql installed directory (you can create anywhere). Better do everything in command prompt.

cd \softs\mysql\
md instances\production

Copy your data and share folder to production folder

copy data instances\production\
copy share instances\production\

To create your custom ini file copy my.ini file and edit

copy my.ini instances\production.ini

Edit Production.ini

  • change port as 3307 under [client] and [mysqld] section
  • Change basedir and datadir in that ini file

Click Here for my production.ini file

Now add your custom ini in system starup

mysqld --install mysqldproduction --defaults-file="E:\softs\mysql\instances\production.ini"

Now goto Control Panel → Administrative tools → Services. Then search for 'mysqldproduction' and start service.


net start mysqldproduction

You may think all is done. But after this only I faced problems.

Cannot find the file specified:

When I try to start that service "System error has occurred. The system cannot find the file specified."

There is registry changes needed to fix that issue

  • To open registry editor Start → Run
  • Type 'regedit' and enter.
  • Next, browse to the registry key named: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\mysqldproduction\ImagePath
  • Now you can see there is no double quotes in that --defaults-file so change ImagePath to
"E:\softs\mysql\bin\mysqld" --defaults-file="E:\softs\mysql\instances\production.ini" mysqldproduction

Now start that service.

Keep watching Event Viewer. That is the best place to get debug information. Again I am getting error while starting server

Event viewer for mysql

Can't find messagefile:

The error is

System error 1067 has occurred.
The process terminated unexpectedly.
Can't find messagefile 'E:\softs\mysql\instances\production\share\errmsg.sys'


Just copy errmsg.sys file from [MYSQL_BASE]shareenglishto that instancesproductionshare folder

Now everything is fine. Service will start successfully.

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