XML to Actionscript class Turbosqel / ASML example

Turbosqel / ASML example

I found a useful third party actionscript libraris from githup https://github.com/turbosqel. I mostly used these as3SupportLib and ASML lib all of my flex projects. But initially I were struggle to find out the example over the internet. So I am writing here one of the feature of that libraries.

I am going to explain how to assign value to some variables from remote xml.

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Below code snippet for loading xml from server using as3SupportLib

protected var configResource:Resource;

protected function onLoadAgain(event:MouseEvent):void
        configResource = ResourceManage.setExternal("config.xml");
        DownloadManager.addEventListener(DownloadManagerEvent.COMPLETE, onDownloadComplete);

The below code snippet for XML to Object

private function onDownloadComplete(event:DownloadManagerEvent):void
        var configXml:XML = new XML(configResource.loaderInfo.source);
        var xmlResult:Array = ASMLManager.parseXML(configXml,this);

For that works that config.xml should be written in certain way. Here is the doc for how to write xml https://github.com/turbosqel/ASML/blob/master/README.textile

My XML is here http://files.arulraj.net/code/flash/example/ASMLExample/config.xml

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