Live Cricket Score on your terminal

Live Cricket Score From CricInfo on your Bash Terminal


You are a hardcore cricket fan, want to get updated the score while working 😄 😄 . But bored to open a browser ⇒ goto cricinfo ⇒ goto particular cricket match. Welcome, this script for you only.

Why this Script..?

I am not the fan of cricket. But some of friends working as Linux Administrators who is always looking black and white terminal, They want to know the score. So I wrote a shellscript to get score from cricinfo. Now they happily run this script in an another terminal and gets updated about score.

How to use..?

  • Download the file from github
  • Then copy that file in to /usr/bin/ folder
  • Run that livecricketscore from anywhere
  • It will ask for the which match score you want to know
  • Select the matcher number
  • It will continuously run untill you kill ( CTRL + C ) that
wget --no-check-certificate
chmod +x
cp /usr/bin/livecricketscore
sh /usr/bin/livcricketscore

You need to install xmllint if its not there already. To install xmllint in ubuntu

apt-get update
apt-get install libxml2-utils


Thanks to . I am using their RSS feed to list the live matches and get the score.

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