Android problems - Galaxy 5

Here some of the problems are hardware dependent and some are OS dependent. But still those are not fixed in the latest version of android. But still they have major share in smartphone market 😃

The problems in my mobile only. It may vary for your mobile. Some problems are resolved and some could not.

My Specification:

Model - Samsung GT-I5503 a.k.a Samsung Galaxy 5
Version - Android 2.1 Eclair
Firmware - 2.1-Update1

Can not delete multiple contacts:

There is no option to delete more than one contacts. If you want to delete 10 contacts you should go with one by one.


Doesn't sync with google contacts groups:

I have contact groups in gmail contacts, but its not synced with my mobile contacts. Now all gmail contacts in one group.


Contact image not shown when dialing:

The contact image is not shown when I calling to someone. The image came once they attend the call. But not a problem in incoming call, always image came.


The most of the contacts related problems seems to be solved in Froyo. I need to update my OS version. But samsung does not provide update for Galaxy 5 😔

Can not connect with ad-hoc network:

This is the most known android issue. If you use wifi analyzer it will detect the ad-hoc network. but in the Settings → Wireless and Networks not even detect the network.

Could not detect your location:

I solved this problem. When i try to to find "My Location" in Latitude. It always says "Your current location is temporarily unavailable."


Goto Settings → Location and Security → Check both Use wireless networks and Use GPS satellites. Thats it


Sometimes showing wrong time:

Sometimes my mobile shows correct time and sometimes it shows current time + 5:30 hours. Finally i solved this. The issue because of getting the time from GSM network.

Goto Settings → Date and Time → uncheck the Automatic


Proxy only for browser not for applications:

Actually I set proxy for wifi network, But the proxy is works only for browser not for application you installed.

To Set proxy Goto Settings → Wireless and networks → WiFi Settings → Advanced


Sync Issue:

If any issue came in syncing. That application is not working any more. I had a problem in syncing in calendar. After that calendar application is not opening. Its works after successfully synced. For sync Goto Setting → Accounts and Sync


Bluetooth headset is not supported:

There is no option to connect my bluetooth headset. Even my LG KG195 supports bluetooth headset. 😜

Auto Reboot:

This is a big headache. it will automatically reboot if more process run at a same time :oops:

Finally I came to a conclusion I need to update my OS version and samsung firmware. It will solve most of my problem.  Anyone successfully update OS / firmware for Galaxy 5..?

Last 6 months this post draft today only got the time to finish and post. 😄

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