Upgrade Samsung Galaxy 5 and 3 to Froyo

How to Upgrade your android to 2.2


Galaxy 5 and 3 with 2.2

I am going to give steps for how to updagrade your Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-I5800) and Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5503) phone OS Android 2.1 (Eclair) to Android 2.2 (Froyo). I tested these steps myself. So feel free to use. It will surely work for Asia / India users.

The Hardware Requirement are:

  • Windows PC.
  • Samsung Usb cable
  • Absolutely a Mobile either Galaxy 5 or 3

The Software Requirement are:

  • ODIN Multi Downloader.
  • OPS file
  • Firmware file

The OPS file and Firmware are varies depends upon your Handset. First download the required files.

For Galaxy 5:

For Galaxy 3:

Before start Backup your contacts and everything. Because Upgrade will delete everything from your mobile not from sd card.


Image of How to start mobile in downloading mode.


  • Clean your existing data. Goto to Settings → Privacy → Factory data Reset
  • Remove your SIM and SD card
  • Run that ODIN exe. Some times it requires Admin privileges.
  • Power off your mobile.
  • Start your mobile as Downloading mode. For that Press Volume Down + Home Button [Center Button] + Power Button
  • Connect to USB. Now ODIN detected your mobile in COM port.
  • Check the "One Package" Check box and Check all boxes in Options.
  • Select your OPS File.
  • Select your firmware. Extract that rar file and select tar file with in that.
  • Click start button.

image2 How to setup / Settings

image3 Upgrading

It will automatically reboot after finish. Rebooting takes 5-10 min don't panic, please be patient. Then unplug your mobile. Yeah you are successfully upgraded to Froyo...!!

image4 Rebooting

image5 Success .. Upgraded

Note: Click on the images for large view.

My configuration:

  • Windows 7 PC
  • ODIN v4.38
  • Galaxy 5 and Galaxy 3
  • I am from India

To find firmware and OPS for your mobile: http://www.samfirmware.com/fwandroid.htm


After upgraded gprs is not working..?

Setup manual APN settings or Delete your APN's and reset. It will 100% work. But I am not facing any wifi problem.

My Phone is not detected..?

Before start upgrading install USB driver for samsung. You can download from here http://goo.gl/223cK

How to root my phone..?

  • Download SuperOneClick latest version from here
  • Select Exploit as "GingerBreak"
  • Make sure you phone is detected
  • Press Root button

Fix for samsung logo only showing..?

Follow the same process before rebooting a recovery window displaying 3 options.

  • In that 3 First select "Clear your cache"
  • Then "Clear data and reset"
  • Finally select the option to reboot.

Now your phone not struct in samsung logo.

How to upgraded to 2.3 ..?

I have upgraded to 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod) by following this link http://t.co/4wI6FSmk

How to upgraded to 4.0.4 ..?

I have written a post to upgrade our Galaxy 5 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich http://www.arulraj.net/2012/07/upgrade-samsung-galaxy-5-to-ice-cream-sandwich.html

How to go back to 2.1 ..?

First you have to find your firmware version


Firmware version

  • Go to Settings → About phone note down your baseband version
  • Try to get your firmware from internet. Or use this I5503DDJG4 , I5503DXJG5 2.1 firmware (Galaxy 5). Password for zip file is “samfirmware.com”
  • Use the same ODIN and OPS file and follow the same steps above.
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