Automount vmware shared folder in ubuntu

How to fix shared folder automount problem in vmware ..?

I am using vmware player for last several years. But I am not tested their shared folder features. To share your host os folder with vm you have to install "vmware tools" on guest os. Installing vmware tools is very simple.

Checking vmware module :

sudo lsmod | grep vmhgfs

It should return some values something like shown on image.

lsmode List modules

If not you have to install vmware tools.

Installing vmware tools :

  • Goto Player → Manage → Install vmware Tools . Now Vmware Tools is mounted as CDROM with in VM

vmware tools install Install VMware Tools

  • Extract Your VmwareTools-9.2.0-799703.tar.gz file to somewhere.
  • Goto "vmware-tools-distrib" folder path in terminal
  • Then run this command "./"
  • Just press enter for all the questions asked while installing

Install vmware Vmware Install

Add shared folder for VM:

  • Goto Player → Manage → Virtual Machine Settings
  • In Options tab you can find the Shared Folders

image3 Shared Folder

  • Then reboot your machine

Auto mount shared folder on startup:

Finally I came back to point. After restarted the shared folder are not shown with in "/mnt/hgfs/" folder. So here is the fix for that.

There is a startup script called "open-vm-tools" with in /etc/init.d/ folder. Just add the below line in the start function.

mount -t vmhgfs .host:/ /mnt/hgfs

Then restart the service "sudo service open-vm-tools restart".

image4 open-vm-tools startup

My Environmental :

Product : Vmware Player version 5.0.0 build-812388
Vmware Tools: VmwareTools-9.2.0-799703
Guest OS : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit
Host OS : Windows 7 64 bit
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