How to access external java libraries with in pentaho

How to access external libraries with in pentaho..?

Java Component in ETL Flow

Pentaho Data Integration Tool (PDI) is mainly used for Extraction, Transformation, Load (ETL). They have their own components to do basic and advanced ETL operations.


  • Download and Extract of Community edition of PDI.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file as data-integration.
  • You need Java in your machine for PDI Tool to run.
  • To run PDI open spoon.bat in windows.

Here PDI / Pentaho Data Integration Tool / Spoon / Kettle all are mean same.

You can run your own java code as a component in the ETL flow. For that have the component called User Defined Java Class. Absolutely you will use external classes or jar's in your java component. In this post will guide you to load those external jar's while pentaho loads.


  • Create libext folder with in data-integration.
  • Backup your file with in data-integration/launcher folder.
  • Then save below as in that folder

  • Now copy your external / third party jars into libext folder
  • Now start the spoon.bat

My setup

OS - Windows 7 64 bit

Java - Java 1.7.0_45 64 bit



Before adding any jar into libext have a look into data-integration/lib. If the jar is already there you can directly use that.

Using user defined class in your flow leads to increase your process time. So use that if you really need it. Refer

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