Download any videos in android using youtube-dl

There are lot of app there in google play store to download video youtube. All are claiming it has all the features and so and so... But the reality is, they are not working in all the times.

In my laptop I am using youtube_dl to download videos. Its working for most of the video sites including youtube, vimeo and etc., I want setup that in my android mobile. So here is the how to do...


  • Install python on android
  • Install youtube-dl
  • Download a video using youtube-dl

Install Python

Install QPython from google app store to use python in android.

QPython in Google play store

Install youtube-dl

Goto QPython Dashboard. Slide left from home screen to go dashboard.

QPython Dashboard

Click Libraries and "pip console"

QPython pip console

In the console pip install -U youtube-dl

QPython android install youtube-dl

To validate the youtube downloader in android youtube-dl --version

QPython android install youtube-dl

Download Video

To download video, Goto pip console

Then youtube-dl -o Chammak_Challo.mp4

The argument "-o NAME_OF_FILE.mp4" is required field.

From youtube

QPython android install youtube-dl

From facebook

QPython android install youtube-dl
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